Physiological Profile Testing Gauges “Overtraining Syndrome”

By Shannon Grady, CEO/Founder GO! Athletics Amongst the sports science and medical research on the topic of “Overtraining Syndrome” there are no truly defined parameters or conclusive laboratory findings to diagnose “Overtraining Syndrome”. Most athletes are considered to be “overtrained” by subjective and unmeasurable parameters such as; fatigue, performance plateaus, appetite decreases, or muscle soreness.… Continue Reading Physiological Profile Testing Gauges “Overtraining Syndrome”

Episode 1: Coach Amy Horst of Loyola University Maryland

Tune into our first episode where Shannon Grady, aka “Queen BEPS”, sits down with Amy Horst, Head Track & Field Coach of Loyola University Maryland, to discuss the use of blood based testing and System Based Training!

Adventures of the Go! Squad VLOG: Sea Isle City

The Go! Squad performed Physiological Profile Testing (PPT) to five rookie lifeguards in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. This testing session was part of Jess Quittner aka “Lil Princess” graduate thesis project at West Chester University.